8 Ağustos 2020 Cumartesi

As a result of the increasing competition conditions in the globalizing world, the classical understanding in production and management is being replaced by more colorful and modern ideas due to the competitive conditions of the market. Gökyıldız Textile company has also opened the bathroom of your home textiles all the hot places to position a window to bring Turkey into the world with the attacks launched by investing in Bursa in 1987.


Being aware of the importance of quality, capacity and price triangle in our products as well as customer satisfaction, Gökyıldız, which adopts continuous improvement and differentiation in production with R & D studies, continues to increase its investments in machinery and human resources in order to adapt to the innovative dynamics of the market.


Gökyıldız has a wide range of production in the field of home textile products; non-slip bath rugs, children's room rugs, young room rugs, runner and bedroom rugs, living room and kitchen rugs mats, bath curtains, tablecloths, bed linen and pique sets, bed linen, mattress protector, pillows, quilts, fleece blankets and roller blinds.


In addition to home textile production facilities, Gökyıldız aims to achieve its vision with a young and experienced staff and to make its brand a global brand by launching investment attacks in sectors such as retail, food, fishing, construction, energy, machinery and software.


Gokyildiz offers its products with the brands Gokyildiz, Vonaldi, Modadecor, Collesia, Vonella, for export and domestic market to all countries of the world.


Applying quality management successfully in its corporate structure, Gökyıldız combines human resources and experienced staff and young minds to offer career opportunities to employees.